Xochitl Wall Planter- Nook Theory Collection


Color: Sage Green

Size: fits one 6 inch pot with a water tray.

Measurements: dowel- 1ft wide, roughly 30in long

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Introducing my Nook Theory Collection! Each of these pieces was design using their 3mm 3 ply cords. There are three necklace designs, one plant hanger, a tapestry, a shelf, a gnome, and an Amanita mushroom design, that can be either rear view mirror decor, or a holiday ornament. This is a one of a kind design.

String and Hearts macrame designs are available while supplies last. My macrame decor is made with polyester yarn, cotton yarn, jute, and occasionally a combination.

Original, handmade macrame designs by String and Hearts. Bringing you one of a kind and bespoke jewelry and home decor, for you, your home, and your garden. Shop String & Hearts now!


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Size Chart

Measurements: dowel- 1ft wide, roughly 30in long Fits one six inch pot with water tray.