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Atlanta native and Northern California resident, Joanna Harris (Aurora), began weaving macrame jewelry in 2009 while backpacking across Central and South America. Her fiber art is greatly influenced by her time spent in the Amazons of Colombia and Ecuador, particularly along the banks of the Amazon river, and this force can be felt in the fluidity and earthiness of her artwork. There was no one individual who taught her this elaborate art of fiber art, and her work is a reflection of all the beautiful souls that she has met, and who have shared with her their gifts along the way. 

In the winter of 2019, Aurora expanded her repertoire and began making macrame home decor. The following Summer in 2020, she gave birth to her son, Raiden Phoenix, and simultaneously the macrame brand “String and Hearts” was also born. Her craft is a labor of love, intention, and devotion to harnessing chi. Her mission is to cultivate beauty and a sense of peace through all the avenues of creative expression.

Aurora enjoys dancing, cooking, working from home, traveling, live music, deep conversations, and nurturing people physically, spiritually, and mentally in her spare time. “I’ve come to share my gifts with the world, to inspire people, and to be a source of light to those who would seek it. My art is a reflection of the ineffable beauty which I constantly see and feel around me, and I am blessed to be a medium through which all this energy can flow.” Aurora Amina.


Each jewelry piece is made with a waxed polyester that comes from Brazil (hilo encerado), and I order them from a private buyer in Costa Rica. I use various polyester yarns and cotton cords for my tapestries. These are purchased from craft stores and online. The crystals I use are either from local metaphysical shops or various gem shows around the country. I charge, cleanse, and activate each stone I work on. Check online to find out the meaning and metaphysical properties of the stones you like! 

To clean the strings of your jewelry, merely place the piece in a bowl with warm water, allow to sit for five minutes, then apply a single drop of dishwashing soap or hand soap, and then brush the front and back of the piece with a tooth brush (or something similar) to create a foam. Once youve brushed the whole piece, place back in the bowl and watch as the dirt falls to the bottom of the bowl. Repeat when necessary. Avoid using excessively hot water, as the string contains wax, and is not resistant to heat.

To cleanse the energy of the crystals, you can wash the stone in salt water, or lay it out in sunlight or moonlight for minimum 24 hours. Certain crystals can not get wet as water deteriorates their structure and they will be labeled as such, otherwise please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. There are more elaborate methods of cleansing the energy of stones online. Here’s a good site I found with helpful advice: http://www.spiralsoflight.com/crystalblog/gemstones/how-to-cleanse-crystals-gemstones/