Tiny Tapestries Mini Series


In-Stock Tapestries

Materials: 5 types of Yarn on Dowel

Colors: Deep Red, Light Red, Salmon, Soft Pink, Teal, Royal Blue, White

Size: 12”w x 18”l

***Disclaimer: Each tapestry is made to order and ships within 2-5 business days.


In-Stock tapestry designs are released at the beginning of each season and are available while supplies last. My macrame tapestries are made with polyester yarn, and sometimes 100% cotton cord.

Original macrame designs by String & Hearts. Bringing you one of a kind jewelry and home decor, as well as made to order cozy and luxurious accents for you, your home, and your garden. Tiny Tapestries the Mini Series will be available for a limited time only. Shop String & Hearts now!

Additional information

Color Scheme

Burgundy, Deep Red, Light Red, Royal Blue, Sage Green, Salmon, Soft Pink, Tan, Teal


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