Xtra Large Moonscape


Materials: 100% Cotton, Cedar Wood

Size: 3ft Wide 5ft Long

Colors: White, Golden ombre dye

For customizations, please email me at StringandHearts@gmail.com Or you can also fill out a custom order request form as well and I will get back to you!


This design is entitled “Moonscape” after the half moon shape of the moon. The cotton which hangs below is like the light reflecting off the moon. Currently, this design is only listed on the website as Xtra Large, however should you want a smaller size, we would be more than happy to accommodate. Please follow the custom order request form to plan a custom today!

The Xtra Large Moonscape measures 3 ft wide and 5ft long with the cotton fringe. This design is dyed a golden yellow with an ombre that fades down to white from top to bottom on the main section, as well as each of the individual crests. The wood used for this design is a Cedar.

In-Stock tapestry designs are available while supplies last. My macrame decor is made with polyester yarn, cotton yarn, and occasionally a combination of the two.

Unique macrame designs made in the heart of the Redwoods by String and Hearts. Shop string and Hearts online shop today!


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Size Chart

3ft wide 5ft long