The Fruit Nest Fruit Basket


The Fruit Nest Fruit Basket


Colors: Hemp, Jungle Green

Materials: Jute, Recycled Cotton, Metal Ring

Top Ring- 8″ diameter
Bottom Ring- 12″ diameter
Length: 3ft long


Warm weather is just around the corner, which means farmer’s markets and fresh local produce! The most common problem that people run into is not having a place to store their fresh fruits and veggies that are non-refrigerated. I’ve designed the Fruit Nest fruit basket to help you reclaim your countertops and help with your Feng Shui! The top basket is 8 inches in diameter and made with jute for your onions, garlic, and/or shallots. The bottom basket is 12 inches in diameter with cotton, made to hold about 2 lbs of produce. All sales are final.

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Size Chart

Top Ring- 8" diameter Bottom Ring- 12" diameter Length: 3ft long Top to first ring- 8.5" Top ring to second ring- 12.5" Depth: Top Basket- 5" deep Bottom Basket- 5.5" deep