Hueso Coasters


A) White, Copper, Jade
B) White, Red, Tan
C) White, Pink, Smokey Blue

Materials: 100% Recycled Cotton

Size: 8in L, 4.5in W (3.5in W at middle)


No more water stains on your tables and wooden furniture with these fun coasters for you or your guests. Coasters come in sets of 4 or 6. Each color option comes in 2 variations. Each set of coasters comes with half of one variation and half of the other (2/2, or 3/3. Photos showed in gallery show the 4 packs with each of the color variations for each set. Message me with custom color ideas. I’d love to make you something to match your personal style!

In-Stock kitchen designs are available while supplies last. My macrame decor is made with polyester yarn, cotton yarn, and occasionally a combination of the two.

Original, handmade macrame designs by String and Hearts. Bringing you one of a kind and bespoke jewelry and home decor, for you, your home, and your garden. Shop String & Hearts now!

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4, 6


Copper/Jade, Pink/Smokey Blue, Red/Tan


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