Gladiolus Plant Hangers


Colors: Ocher/Royal Blue, Terracotta/Mint, Peacock Blue/Magenta

Pot Size: 6inch with water tray

Measurements: 30 inches when hanging


The Gladiolus Plant hangers are a fun, bright collection of planters made for a 6 inch diameter pot with a water tray. This design comes in three different color combinations, from Terracotta/Mint, Ocher/Royal Blue, and Magenta/Peacock Blue. I wanted to return to my roots in color therapy and make a bright and colorful collection with Spring on the horizon! These planters are very elegant, with tassels cascading down from the top like Gladiolus flowers.

In-Stock garden decor designs are available while supplies last. My macrame decor is made with polyester yarn, cotton yarn, and occasionally a combination of the two.

Original, handmade macrame designs by String and Hearts. Bringing you one of a kind and bespoke jewelry and home decor, for you, your home, and your garden. Shop String & Hearts now!

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Magenta/Peacock Blue, Ocher/Royal Blue, Terracotta/Mint


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